Parubiy opened the session of Parliament, in the hall – 328 MPs

Парубий открыл заседание Рады, в зале - 328 нардепов

December 4 at 10:02 Parubiy speaker of Parliament opened the session of Parliament, in the hall registered 328 MPs

It is reported, ГолосUA.

Recall, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (VRU) at the plenary session on Tuesday will consider the issues of protection of persons with disabilities and agricultural policy.

This is stated in the agenda of the session of the Parliament.

First on the agenda is specified a block of bills concerning the protection of persons with disabilities, in particular, No. 6211 about the architectural accessibility of court buildings for persons with disabilities at the expense of court fees, No. 7486 to permit persons with disabilities in wheelchairs ride on the edge of the carriageway, No. 7370 on the authorization to equip vehicles unimpeded access to buildings for people with limited mobility in the absence of certificates of ownership or use of the site and No. 4598, which empowers the civil service labor for control over the payment of sanctions and fines in branch of Fund of social protection of invalids in the first reading.

The following is the bill # 8464 on the reform of the sanitary laws, after which the Rada will consider the issues of agrarian policy.

Among them, No. 4611 on the requirements for food contact materials, No. 9022 on the establishment of common rules of state supervision over registration of animals in farms market operators and the No. 6527 on regulation of activity of agricultural cooperatives in the first reading.

Also listed in the agenda bill No. 3157 on simplification of order of transfer to rent of water objects in the second reading.

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