Participant of Ukrainian show “Voice” quail famous song Dan Balan “Dragostea din tei”

 Участница украинского шоу "Голос" перепела знаменитую песню Дана Балана "Dragostea din tei"

Each new broadcast “blind auditions” all the more surprising. So, in the third edition of “the Voice 9” appeared on the scene the girl who returned Dan Balan in the past.

Odesa Catherine the Run decided to come to the project with a clear goal to get to one of the coaches, namely Dana Balana. As Ekaterina noted for “the blind auditions,” she chose a song that is special for both of them, according to

Before going on stage, the singer also assured the audience that Dan Balan knows the song, and she’s sure he’ll like it. The girl was not mistaken. She chose the song Dragostea din tei famous group O-Zone, whose leader is Dan Balan. The hit, which was performed by Catherine he wrote in 2004. His singing girl deployed four chairs. Potap admitted that she hurt his feelings.

As the Governor he studied at the Moldavian school, they Dan Balan talked to friends they are the only two language and the singer urged her to go to his team. However, he did not know that Catherine came to the project with the goal of deploying it his chair. When Dan stepped on the stage the girl to sing the original along with it, Tina said that they are not embraced.