Parliament accused of disrupting medical reform: what is

Верховную Раду обвинили в срыве медреформы: в чем суть

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of deliberately sabotaging the medical reform in Ukraine. Deputies make every effort to ensure that the Ministry of health could not do its work.

This was stated by Chairman of the Board of the civil organization “the Platform of health,” Timothy Badikov, writes Columnist.

He explained: in the opinion of the Parliament if the Ministry would operate effectively, members will simply be unnecessary.

“Here is a fundamental law madrepore, there are so many useful things written, all instructions are clear and simple. And start to clean. “To make changes”. And when all stakeholders have made changes, it still has one water,” said Badikov.

According to him, the Ministry of health tries to introduce reform. For this purpose, regulations and orders.

“But in the regions, if it is not the law… they are so used to the constant change of Ministers and authorities that all of these acts, orders and regulations not in much of a hurry to perform. And in the case of law they are afraid of criminal responsibility”, – said the activist.

Badikov said that as a result the Ministry has a massive use of administrative resources to the regions was performed by the rules that were thrown out of the law by the Parliament.