Parents are in shock: their son was the reincarnation of his grandfather

Родители в шоке: их маленький сын оказался реинкарнацией деда

On the Internet discussing the history of 4-year-old boy named Sam, who shocked his family history about his “past life”.

This writes sensationalnews.

His parents first noticed a strange phrase from the child. So one day Sam said to his father that when he was old, he changed diapers. The family was especially impressed with what the child said when he first saw the photo album of his grandmother.

My father bought this old book in the house along with other things when my grandmother died Sam. Checking the album, the boy saw the first car his grandfather suddenly said, “That’s my car”. Astonished, his parents decided to show Sam the baby picture of his grandfather, whom he was supported and surrounded by other children. The boy pointed to grandpa and said, “I am.”

Sam also told my parents that in a past life “evil uncle” sent sister “swim with the fish”. It impressed his parents even more, because Sam’s sister was murdered and her body found in the water. The child’s family then became convinced that their son was the reincarnation of his grandfather.