Parakeets have violated the law of nature

 Волнистые попугайчики нарушили закон природы

Parakeets have managed to surprise scientists. Birds actually went against his nature.

It has always been that when choosing a partner, the females prefer strong, beautiful and gifted gentleman. But in the experiments that are conducted by scientists of the Zoological Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Leiden University, females chose the most intelligent, ignoring the handsome man. The work so impressed the editor of one of the most prestigious scientific journals Science, he told in detail about the study.

To arrive to such surprising conclusion, the researchers put a series of sophisticated experiments. At first, they persistently coached the least attractive males, which females didn’t pay any attention. Males had to figure out how to open the box with the food. After many hours of training they finally mastered this wisdom,reports the Rambler.

Then came the main attraction. In the cage put a few boxes of food and started trained “freaks”, but with untrained birds. Next put female which could watch. They saw suffering as handsome and easily opens the lid, and produces a dish his rival. And what is the result?

After a few sessions, the females changed their preferences. They began to spend more time with those who know how to open the box, although more recently were not in favor. The conclusion of the authors: the mind took over the beauty.

However, there have been skeptics. They doubt the ability of the parrot to open the box with food for the females is a sign of intelligence of the male. Maybe she is proof not of the mind, and strength. To test this, scientists will have to, obviously, put a new, more clever experiments.

Here we can remember other experiments in which females also behaved quite unexpectedly. Studying aquarium fish, guppy, Swedish and British scientists have made two conclusions. The first is obvious: when choosing a sexual partner, the females had a preference for beautiful and bright.

It is the law of nature, it is valid in the world fauna millions of years. But the second unexpected conclusion of scientists: bright males are chosen more intelligent females, and the stupid do not care who you love. In other words, sexual selection is controlled by the intellect, in this case the mind of females.

Sounds to many scientists, quite frankly, revolutionary. But, according to the employee of Moscow state University Alexei Severtsov, everything is much simpler:”bright males the stronger sex hormones, and they choose the most active sexually female. How smart are they? I doubt it. No wonder they say, when hormones, the mind is silent”.

In this study, one of the most intriguing moments, as the scientists have determined which female is smart and what is stupid. For five generations they were selected according to the size of the brain. Then I checked the fish on the tests. With them better cope guppies with large brains, for example, quickly found a way out of the maze and avoided the more efficient predators than fish with a small brain. So groups were formed female “clever” and “stupid”.

And finally, the doors of the harem opened, and launched males. Smart females prefer bright males only, and “stupid” acted at random. Almost started to “love” the first man who caught their eye. Why? Maybe he was afraid to stay in the “maids”? And suddenly all applicants quickly disassemble? Scientists still have no answer. But then, maybe, stupid not so stupid? Know life?