Overdose for Demi Lovato: details of the incident and reaction of the stars

Overdose for Demi Lovato: details of the incident and reaction of the stars
Overdose for Demi Lovato: details of the incident and reaction of the stars
Last night, 25-year-old singer Demi Lovato was urgently taken to one of the hospitals in Los Angeles. The reason is an overdose of drugs, presumably heroin. Demi unconsciously found her friends, they gave her a drug naloxone and called an ambulance. In the hospital, fortunately, the girl came to her senses and now her condition is stable. But the state of admirers Demi and her friends – no. The news shocked many. SPLETNIK.RU found out the details of the incident and tells how in Hollywood reacted to the tragic incident involving the star.

Demi Lovato herself said that she was fighting drug addiction and alcoholism. She did not use banned substances for six years, but in the recently released song Sober, the singer’s fans found a hint that she again returned to a bad habit. Demi explained her complicated life situation by having her bipolar disorder.

In her memoirs the mother of the girl Dianna Hart De La Garza told how she put an ultimatum to her daughter: if she does not quit drinking, she will return with her younger sister Demi to Texas, leaving her alone. This helped, and the singer agreed to go to the clinic for treatment.

She handed over her phone, car keys, credit cards and went to the rehabilitation center to undergo treatment. But I believe deeply in my heart that for Demi the thought that she can never see her sister again helped her decide on this therapy.
Immediately after the appearance of the news about overdose and hospitalization, the official representative of the artist explained the situation for journalists.

Demi came to her senses and is now with her family, who expresses her gratitude to everyone for their support, love and prayers. Some information that appears in the media is incorrect, so her family is asked not to interfere in their personal lives and not speculate on this topic. Demi’s health and recovery is now the most important thing,

Said the official representative of Lovato.

The stars, which are friends and acquaintances of the girl, launched a hashtag PrayForDemi on Twitter and write words of support to Lovato and her family.

Ellen Degeneres

I really love Demi Lovato. My heart breaks what she has to go through. She is the light in this world, and I send my love to her and her family.

Bruno Mars

I send love and prayers to Demi Lovato.

Ariana Grande

I love you, Demi Lovato!

Brad Paisley

My friend Demi Lovato is one of the kindest and most talented people I know. I pray for her right now, addiction is a terrible disease. There is no one more honest or brave than this girl.

Like all of you, I read the news about Demi Lovato. We all love her, and we need to pray that she will recover. She’s a fighter.

Katy Perry

Love and strength to you. We’re all here for you, baby.

Adam Lambert

Hold on there! I send you good energy and love.

Emmy Rossum

I love you, Demi Lovato. I pray for your strength and health.

Cat Dennings

I send a lot of positive thoughts and love to Demi Lovato.

Missy Elliott

I send my prayers to Demi Lovato. You can not even imagine what people have to go through. So show compassion and do not joke about it. Let’s give her encouragement, and then she will receive the help that she needs so much.

Lily Reinhart

I pray for Demi Lovato. When I was 14, she was my idol in the way she openly talked about her mental breakdown. And now she continues to inspire thousands of young guys and girls with her body-reports. You can not discriminate against people because of their addictions and mental disorders.

Lady Gaga

We all need to surround Demi Lovato with love. I’m so glad you’re alive. Thank God! I and my “monsters” wish you self-compassion and inner peace. And may you get the love that many people have for you. Demi, I love you.

Tyra Banks

Dependence is not a choice. With a heavy heart I send the healing love of Demi Lovato and I pray that she will be fully restored.

Ruby Rose

My heart and soul together with Demi Lovato. I adore you just as the whole world adores you. You will cope with this and become even stronger. The dependence is strong, but you can defeat it. I love you.

Lily Allen

Poor and beautiful soul Demi Lovato. I hope that she is OK and will soon be fully restored.

Interestingly, a close friend of Demi Lovato and her colleague on the Disney channel Selena Gomez did not support the singer publicly either in Instagram or on Twitter. But the mother of Selena Mandy Tifi, who has long been in a difficult relationship with her daughter, shared a photo from the archives, which depicted and Demi.
This photo was made exactly ten years ago on the 16th birthday of Selena. Demi Lovato, we love you. The world is beautiful, because there are such contagious smiles in it. My heart hurts,

– she signed the publication in Instagram.

The situation with Demi Lovato touched all people close to her, including the former boyfriend, 38-year-old Wilmer Valderram.

Wilmer is completely devastated and he still loves Demi. He was not aware of how serious and complex problems she had had in recent times. She was honest with him about the happened relapse, about it knew both relatives and fans of the singer. But he did not think that she would fight so hard and the situation would get so negative consequences,

– said a source close to Wilmer.

The couple was together since 2011, they even talked about the possible wedding of Lovato and Valderram. But in 2016 they officially announced the break.

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