Over the Earth hung a sinister shadow: images from the ISS scared of Internet users

Над Землей нависла зловещая тень: снимки с МКС напугали пользователей Сети

New images with ISS has discovered a mysterious shadow that is hanging over the Earth.

This writes planetanovosti.

Pictures of anomalies appeared on the channel ufologist nick MrMBB333. At the moment it is not known exactly when the experts provided unique footage. According to the expert, he spent a long time studying pictures of outer space but nothing like this has ever seen.

The object superficially looks like the translucent planet or a huge black hole. Netizens suggested that the ISS filmed the very planet X. Maybe in the next few days from the Earth nothing will remain. Skeptics, in turn, believe that the photo was taken from inside the space station, and the mysterious object is just a reflection from the window of the ship. Only you can decide which version is most plausible.