Over the channel stopped looking for the missing plane with the player on Board

Над Ла-Маншем перестали искать исчезнувший самолет с футболистом на борту

Search-and-rescue operation in the area of the English channel where the plane vanished with the Argentine footballer emiliano Sala on Board has been discontinued.

About it reported by the Western media, citing the police of the British island of Guernsey, reports the Country.

The police said that the chances of survival for the passengers is extremely low. Search and rescue operation continued for four days.

At the end of last week 28-year-old Argentinian has signed a contract on transfer from French football club Nantes in “Cardiff city”. The sum of transaction has made 15 million pounds. Light single-engine Piper Malibu aircraft, on Board of which was the pilot and footballer of Fat, disappeared on January 21. According to reports, the footballer was heading from France to Britain. According to the newspaper the Sun, the plane managed to take off from the French city of Nantes on the fourth attempt.

In addition, the British media reported that before departure Fat recorded the voice mail family and friends, which told that he was afraid of flights, as the aircraft looks “like it will fall apart.”