Optical illusion with the “fake” dog puzzled users of the Network

 Оптическая иллюзия с "ненастоящей" собакой озадачила пользователей Сети

The Network is gaining popularity is the photo and Mexican hairless dogs named Piper.

The owner of the animal Sandra Pineda shared a picture of your pet on social media. Since this breed is almost completely absent wool, many users took Piper for the statue. As told to Sandra, post a picture of a dog has garnered over ten thousand likes, according to RIA Novosti.

“They were all very puzzled and asked me, real or not. At first I thought they were joking, but then realized that they were asking seriously. They just could not believe it was a real dog,” — said Sandra portal Lad Bible.

According to Sandra, she was used to Piper and her appearance does not seems unusual.