Open trolleybus lines in Buiucani

 Обрыв троллейбусной линии на Буюканах

The morning began with resentment for many people in the Buiucani sector of the capital. Dozens of trolleys on the street Alba Iulia was idle for more than an hour after the open electric wire. As a result, public transport began to fill up with people, and dozens of residents of Chisinau started to get nervous, realizing that late for work.

The current was about 7:30 in the morning.

According to the Director of the Chisinau electric transport company Dorina Black, several workers arrived on the scene and the problem was fixed in about an hour.

“A malfunction has occurred in the contact network at the intersection of Alba Iulia and bending. The highway patrol stepped in to rectify the fault, which was faulty within the hour, and now the movement is restored,” – said the Director of the office of public transport Doreen Black.