Once the discontent of the Diaspora: What did Maia Sandu to Moldova?

 Очередное недовольство диаспоры: Что сделала Майя Санду для Молдовы?

Representatives of the Diaspora continue to publicly Express dissatisfaction with the decision of the leader of the PDS Maia Sandu to run in the area of Western Europe in the parliamentary elections on February 24. They believe that there are many other worthy Moldovans, which could represent the interests of the Diaspora in Moldova’s Parliament.

“Three people – personality, in my opinion, from the ranks of this Diaspora, who have meritorious deeds and sacrifice themselves and families, I thought, one of them will represent us in the next Parliament – Valentina Djamena, Tatiana Nogailic, Alexandru Cazacu, known throughout the Diaspora in Italy. What did the Maya for Moldova? What did the Maya for you, dear Diaspora?”, – wrote in Facebook Nina Gorincioi, Moldavian, living in Italy.

“Fight for your right! The voice that wants to steal from you Maya, is equivalent to a billion, she buzzed my ears all these years. But it’s not too late,” – said Gorincioi.

“I think it would be much better if MS Maia Sandu stood there, where there will be a serious battle,” published and Christina Pruteanu, an ardent supporter of the PDS and CPNP.

Earlier, the Chairman of the Moldovan-Italian Association DOR Alexandru Cazacu expressed dissatisfaction with the candidates Maia Sandu and Dumitru Alaiba, which block ACUM nominated for the districts of Western Europe and USA-Canada.

“Heroes of the Diaspora who are still foaming at the mouth appeared on the Internet today silent??? And how you jumped once more unto the breach! You yourself have seen in Parliament, and prevented you from just me. I gave you a place, please! But you have not become candidates, right? And Maya and Alaiba steel!! They’re from the Diaspora! They know what you need! After all, if you get into Parliament, Maya will have to go to work instead of you?!! You crazy? What Maya knows about the Diaspora and living overseas?”- wrote emotionally Cazacu on Facebook.

Reacted harshly and Igor Cereteu an active participant in the protests of the Diaspora in support of the PDS-CPNP.

“Thank You, Maia Sandu. You have proven that You care about the Diaspora. This disrespect we have, for the Diaspora. You think we’re stupid jerks. I believe that we can not imagine, do not have the right to have a person representing us in Parliament? You stole from us this right,” wrote a representative of the Diaspora.