On wall Street men are reluctant to take on new employees

На Уолл-Стрит мужчины избегают принимать на работу новых сотрудниц

Working on wall Street in new York men are more reluctant to hire in their company women.

About it writes Bloomberg.

The reason for this is not sexism, and fear of being accused of harassment (harassment). From now on, American men live with an eye on public movement #MeToo, which arose after scandals involving producer Harvey Weinstein, accused of dozens of Actresses in the harassment.

Journalists called it the “Penny effect” in honor of the Vice-President of the USA Mike Pence, who a few years ago, he said that avoiding dinners with women alone, so it can’t be accused of harassment. Alone he remains only with his wife.

More than 30 middle managers from wall street said that following the example of Pens: don’t have dinner with women colleagues alone (especially if it has less than 35 years old) communicate only at wide open doors, and try not to hire new employees.

The lawyer of the company FordHarrison Steven Zweig argues that this behavior is not the solution.

“They protect themselves from complaints of sexual harassment, but it will provoke complaints of discrimination,” said Mr. Zweig.

According to experts, the situation can lead to the fact that the already small number of women in leading positions on wall street may be reduced.

“Lead the next generation simply no. To advance in the career you want to have someone on the top steps to know how good you work, and offered you new opportunities. Such relationships are unlikely to be installed, if the boss is not willing to spend time one-on-one with their subordinates,” – said the head of LaSalle Securities Lisa Kaufman.

Also, on November 30, after a young actress who stated that Luc Besson she was raped five more women have accused the Director of sexual harassment. So, former assistant Besson said that it “blackmailed” and “forced” to enter into an intimate relationship with the Director.

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