On the shore of the sea of Japan threw a 10-metre baby blue whale (PHOTO, VIDEO)

 На берег Японского моря выбросило 10-метрового детеныша голубого кита (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

In Japan, on the beach of Kamakura, in 70 kilometers from Tokyo, on the shore threw a 10-metre baby blue whale.

This is the BBC.

Experts say that this is the first such case in the country. They can not yet name the cause of death of a mammal. But to find out, set on the banks of the tents and are preparing to conduct the autopsy.

Expert National Museum of nature and science said in comments to the media that the cub is male has a length of 10.52 m. the age of a baby – less than a year.

The carcass of the animal was discovered Sunday on the beach of Kamakura, 70 km South of Tokyo.

According to the Agency, to the extinction of blue whales has resulted in whale-fishing.

Japan still has a whaling fleet, but officially, the country insists that it operates only in scientific purposes.

According to local media, in may 2018 Japanese hunters caught and killed 122 pregnant small whale (whales) in the framework of the summer “field research”.

Earlier, in California (USA) a huge whale surfaced near the boat tourists.

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