On the shore of the beach in the US, threw a terrible ten-monster (VIDEO)

На берег пляжа в США выбросило ужасного десятиметрового монстра (ВИДЕО)

The locals found on the Oregon beach, Half Moon Bay is a strange creature of incredible size: a length of something was 10 meters. The find was made after a storm during which the waves rose to a height of 15 meters and more.

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On the attached video you can see how the creature lying on the shore with no signs of life. The video was published on the UFO channel “MrMBB333”. The author of the video suggested that the finding is chest some sea creatures such as squid.

The establishment of notice on 18 December. A couple of days, the footage looked more than 90 thousand people. Most commentators began to call the creation of the Kraken and other similar fictional characters, whereas some have suggested that, on the shore threw the decaying carcass of a whale. Also the regulars network does not rule out that the beach actually lay a large number of algae species blobsquatch.

Meanwhile, humanoid frog from the USA frightens residents and is of interest to scientists.