On the Kerch bridge, the occupiers staged a mass “shakedown”

На Керченском мосту оккупанты устроили массовый "шмон"

In the automotive approach to illegal building occupants Crimean bridge inspection strengthened control.

Especially he has changed from the occupied Kerch, reports the local website “Kerch.FM.”

Now, in addition to the inspection of machines, control touched the drivers and passengers of the vehicle: people are seen through a metal frame in a special room.

“Said, previously, it was not due to the fact that no rooms were available. Now go into the building, you pass the test. The building looks like a waiting room”, – the eyewitness reported.

Users of the network suggested that the occupants were up to something. “Afraid? Or something you know?”, “So whose is the Crimea? The answer is obvious,” said they.

На Керченском мосту оккупанты устроили массовый "шмон"