On the coast of New Zealand has again thrown dozens of pilot whales (PHOTOS)

На берег Новой Зеландии снова выбросились десятки черных дельфинов (ФОТО)

According to the Department of environment of New Zealand, 80 to 90 pilot whales, also called grindle, was discovered beached in Hanson Bay.

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A few dozen individuals managed to recover and swim away, but 50 at the time of detection was already dead. They took skin samples for analysis. Mass ashore means that over the past week in the region as a result of such incidents killed more than 200 whales.

 На берег Новой Зеландии снова выбросились десятки черных дельфинов (ФОТО)

Remote and sparsely populated Chatham Islands are 800 km from the East coast of new Zealand South island. About a week ago, 145 pilot whales were found dead on the beach of Stewart island, and on Sunday — 10 dwarf whales on the beach in Northland.

Mass mortality of marine animals — a rare phenomenon for New Zealand. According to the statement of local authorities, it may be cases, when whales lose their way by mistake, because of illness, bad weather or predators.

Previously in New Zealand ashore jumped 145 dolphins.

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