On the border with Poland drivers require a bribe: details of chaos

На границе с Польшей с водителей требую мзду: детали беспредела

On the border of Ukraine with Poland, formed a real collapse EuroBLECH

About the huge traffic jam of cars on avtonomera said in his video blog, the journalist Eugene Plinsky, writes politeka.

“For 10 days to end “preferential” customs clearance on the border formed a queue space”, — he said.

So, in the afternoon of 11 February at the checkpoint “Yagodin-Dorohusk” the queue to enter Ukraine stretches for 18 km, According to the journalist, it was about 2500 cars on avtonomera. Plinsky said that allowing them all to Ukraine will take 3-4 days.

The journalist noted that in such circumstances, the customs officers began collecting drivers “bribe” for the adoption of the documents. To early to pass a preferential customs clearance, people have to pay customs from 500 UAH.

Plinsky connects this situation on the border with the expiration of preferential terms of passage of customs clearance for vehicles on avtonomera. These special conditions are valid until February 22.

We wrote about that two weeks before the end of the grace period (22 February) for customs clearance of cars on avtonomera. More and more Ukrainians are trying to get numbers of not pay the extra, and someone still ranges whether the game is worth the candle.

How is the procedure of customs clearance, how many actually need to pay for everything and how not to get hooked on scams, we will tell on own example.

На границе с Польшей с водителей требую мзду: детали беспредела

In order to go faster, you should seek help from a broker who charge for services, on average, $ 250.

As to is it profitable to buy a car in Europe, and then customs clearance under the new rules, for anybody not a secret that in the end, very little you will save. Profitable only when the car is relatively new (5-7) years.

In our case it was the Volkswagen Golf IV which is more than 15 years, with an engine 1.9 l diesel. Bought a car for 1800 dollars. In bills of sale the broker has indicated the amount of 1150 euros, which reduced the amount of VAT (20% of the car) and customs duty (10%).

After submitting all documents, including inquiries about snation registration in Lithuania (paid for it 400 dollars, but some brokers charge from $ 200), you will report the full amount of customs clearance.