On Botany erect the building, which locals have called “standard violations”

 На Ботанике возводят здание, которое местные жители уже называли "эталонном нарушений"

While city officials argue that residents suffer the inconvenience. On the street Brancusi in the Botanica sector of erecting the building, which locals have called “standard violations”.

From the side of the roadway shall be a safe passage for pedestrians. If there is another building, the distance between them can not be less than six meters.

“I try to walk on the other side. This is dangerous, at any time from the top might have something to fall”.

“There should be special protections for the safety of people and machines”

“Here lives my daughter with child. They constantly hear the noise. It bothers and disturbs sleep”.

Head of the construction company agreed to answer questions over the phone.

For the time that you are building, no one was hurt. But, maybe we shouldn’t wait until disaster strikes? – With regard to the information panels, it is not necessary. You are more interested in a panel or aisle? – I am interested in adhering to the prescribed norms. Are you trying to provoke me.

As claimed by the chief architect of preturi the Botanica Igor Vrabie, back in November, he addressed this issue in the Agency of technical supervision, but his letter remained unanswered. This year he sent another appeal.

“There is a decree of the mayor of Chisinau on the withdrawal of a building permit. Despite this, they continue,” – said the chief architect of Botanica Igor Vrabie.

The Agency for technical supervision said that no complaints on this score n received.

“I don’t know about any letters going on. I have no information. I’ll find out and give explanations,” – said the representative of the Agency for supervision Vitalie Stirbu.

By law, companies engaging in gross violations of the norms should be denied building permits.