Olga Freimut: “Recommendations are expected of me even in pharmacies and airplanes”

Olga Freimut: "Recommendations are expected of me even in pharmacies and airplanes"
Olga Freimut: “Recommendations are expected of me even in pharmacies and airplanes”
On the eve of the premiere of the show OLYA, his presenter told “Today” how she decided on such a project, about life after the “Inspector”, how she failed castings because of her appearance, about her former boyfriends and the upbringing of three children.

– Olga, do you remember your first reaction when producer Victoria Burdukova announced her thoughts on the creation of the OLYA show?

– The first to adapt the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” was offered by Anna Zhizha, chief editor of the “Inspector”. This was in 2012. Then, nobody knew about Ellen (Ellen DeGeneres – TV presenter, winner of 11 Emmy awards.) – Author). And Anya is a modern editor, she was inspired by the work of the legendary American woman. I was just about to change channels. The management of the New Channel already then counted on me as the leading daily program in the Ellen show format. But I weighed the strength and refused. Was not ready for such a challenge, there was not enough life and professional experience.

– Who came up with the idea to call the show your name?

– In October, we with Victoria Burdukova and Anna Zhizhey flew to Los Angeles to watch the format. They also wanted to see us. Ukraine is the only country that Warner Bros. entrusted their format. For half a year my American colleagues studied me, watched programs with my participation, we sent them presentation videos and photos. In Hollywood, we spent almost a week: hit the show Ellen, where we were kindly planted next to the mother of the host. Colleagues showed a backstage, told about the specifics of production, introduced the key people of the program.

One day during a business lunch, David McGuire, executive vice president, and the person who created the show from the first day Ellen, in an interview with me said important words. The program should be created about me and on the basis of my outlook. We already had no plans to copy Ellen, she was the only one. But then I received, as a blessing, the certainty that I have something to show the audience. Then David suggested calling the program “OLYA”. We liked this laconic title at once.

– How many percent of the show will be improvisations, and how many – pre-recorded in the script replicas?

– Unfortunately, I do not know how to work under the script. As a co-author of the program, I allow myself to improvise. It’s good that the project manager Oleg Bodnarchuk in my feature sees advantages, not disadvantages. How can you act on the script when you shoot stories? You do not know what will happen in the frame – with the actors we do not work, all living people, the program is built on surprise. For example, we decided to make a free tour of the unknown city of Kiev on a double-decker bus. People were filming a hidden camera. I was a guide that no one sees. The whole story is based on a description of what I see outside the window, and I comment in real time, without preparation.

Studio interviews are prepared with screenwriters, editors and filmmakers. And we with Oleg Bodnarchuk express the idea, the task of the team is to refine it, supplement it and put it into practice. I’m generally proud of the team. For the production of the project took the production of Toma Tevzadze “Lucky Cat”, about this and you will not dare to dream.

– Tell us about the meeting with Ellen DeGeneres. Did she give you any advice how to conduct the show?

– Our meeting with Ellen took place behind the scenes of her show. David McGuire introduced us. She – so tiny, with blue eyes, in a modest jumper, did not seem to me simple at all. Before me stood the Star: confident, calm, enveloped in some kind of magic. We joked about my youngest daughter Evdokiya, from which I then fled to America for the meeting with Ellen. Ive (diminutive of Evdokia – Auth.) Was then 2 months old, I nursed her. It took every step to express milk, so that it did not disappear. Ellen praised me, said that she would also have fled. We talked about the team and about what Ellen colleagues are praying for. Ellen explained such commitment of employees with high salaries, which she pays to all, embraced me and wished me luck. And then I introduced my mother.
“After the premiere, I’m sure you will be hit by a new wave of criticism.” How do you intend to fight it?

– No way. People will be surprised, admired, criticized. Such a project on the screens of Ukraine was not yet, and everything new is taken to be revolutionary. We understand this, and everything is ready. But I’m counting on a good taste of my audience.

– Oleg Bodnarchuk became the director of the project. When did you meet him?

– Oleg became the project manager, and I was very lucky with him. He is responsible for all processes and is an ideologist. For the first time we met at the shooting of the Novokanalsk project “Shoumastgowon”, and became friends in 2013. It was Oleg who convinced me to become the presenter of “Voices”. I then hesitated, because in such a large-scale show of the leading do not even remember. This is a program for singers. However, after the release of the project in the air, people began to write about me – resent and praise. The goal was achieved: I caused emotions, and this is important on television.

I admired Oleg’s unique vision. He is an artist who does not fit into standards and rules. Like all great people, he is very independent. I could not even dream that Oleg would agree to take up our project! I remember we were looking for a talk show host, and my girlfriend, who has the gift of clairvoyance, called and said that already on the horizon appeared the figure of a man with whom we will have a strong creative union and which will help me a lot. And indeed – Bodnarchuk unexpectedly agreed. I was lucky.

– And what impresses you most in his work?

– Oleg is like the color of a fern. Everybody is looking for it, but they do not find it. And I found it.

– Continue the phrase: “Thanks to the” Inspector “…

– … Ukrainians have grown self-esteem.

– Did you watch the issues with Nikolai Tishchenko and other leading ones? How can comment on their work in the frame?

– In the evenings, Zlata has a new channel in the room. We love to drink tea together and share the news of the day. Here I have the opportunity sometimes to see Nikolai Tishchenko. He is different, but it’s good that the business I started has continued. Medicines should be taken by the course. I started to treat the Ukrainian service, and my colleagues continue. And this is the most important thing.

– Today, when visiting restaurants, hotels, what do you most often say?

“The restaurants are still afraid of me.” Begin to run, wash the floor, push each other to come to the table. After my television audits and inspections, people ask for advice even inadvertently. In the bank, the man was taken aback when he saw, but asked if it was possible to be serviced here. In shops, pharmacies, schools, in a plane – everywhere they ask if I recommend this place. I am so pleased with the confidence of my viewers. It’s childishly cute.

– You were the leader of many projects on Ukrainian TV. Tell on an example of several, how did you go castings? I’m sure, like many, there have been cases in your career when you failed the tests. Tell about it.

– Now I do not go to castings. The television world is small: everyone knows what to expect from me. Last year we were looking for a host for a large-scale TV show. I was invited to the casting. I asked: “Why?” They replied that everything was going to be tested. But I’m not everything. I did not go anywhere. The show is different.

In general, I believe in destiny – everything that belongs to me will be mine. Somehow I was not taken to the television department for a non-standard appearance – I had a crooked tooth, wore braces, very modestly dressed. Long hair, a skirt is a potential resident of the monastery. By the way, they did not take me there, either. But you see – now I’m a TV presenter, even drunkards on the benches recognize me. I pass, but in the back I hear: “Freimut went.” Recognition of the public is a complex casting. And others are such personal preferences of individuals.

– Do you currently maintain relations with your ex-husbands? What was the main reason why your unions disintegrated? Who was the initiator?

“Why do you say in the plural?” Vladimir is my first lawful husband. The rest were boyfriends. I do not miss anyone – everyone responds to a certain era of my life and my evolution. Tell me who you sleep with – I’ll tell you who you are. When I look back, I am once again convinced of the justice of life. I met someone who was more equal. An uncertain girl, a provincial woman, who was happy with the work of a waitress … This was how I was approached at the time by the imperfect Neil Mitchell. An unhappy unemployed woman who did not represent, she is beautiful or terrible, fate gave me Sasha R. When she began to work on herself, she did not wait for handouts from anyone, she believed and fell in love with herself – a very wise and prosperous V. appeared. And when I became more equal my husband, we got married. I always left the relationship first, even when I did not feel like it. Strong intuition made it clear that it was time to say goodbye. I did not grab at my feet. I believe that when a woman is lonely, you need to improve a bit – and a decent second half is sure to be found. I checked this rule with myself. And to be with anyone – sin. Not for this, our mother gave birth to us.
– You have long been hiding your relationship with Vladimir (Vladimir Lokotko – the general director of the New Channel. – Author). Was it more of his initiative or yours?
– This was Volodya’s initiative. He understood my popularity, and did not want to inflict mud on our relations with evil conjectures and denigration. I was then pregnant with Valery. I was tempted to hear conjectures about who the father of the child is.

“How did he propose to you?”

– On Christmas. We went skiing in Austria. I sat in the armchair, took off my shoe, my fingers were frozen. And Volodya at a time when I was all disheveled and confused, and invited to get married.

– If you have any arguments, who is the first to go to the world?

– We necessarily quarrel, but we try not to go over to the personal one. I consider the conflict a transition of relations to a higher level. I like to put up first. But often I do not have time: my husband hugs me, and as if we did not argue. My grandmother taught me not to go to bed with a grudge. So sorry for those people who spend valuable days on silence and hatred. I appreciate every second of my marriage, so I apologize to your loved ones easily. It does not affect self-esteem.

– Do not exclude that you decide on another child?

– I did not plan to get married and be a mother with many children, but God had a different vision. I know for sure that I will never go to an abortion. My children made me. For the sake of Zlata, I got a job in the morning show “Rise” on the New Channel. I was at the labor exchange, my daughter was several months old. We languidly walked around with the sleeping areas of Kiev past the landfill and flaky high-rise buildings. I was nothing then, she herself was tapping a baby carriage and a bag of groceries from the market into a smelly elevator. And somehow she looked at her beautiful child with golden curls, and promised that I would inevitably wrest us from such a decline. And I succeeded.

Valery and Evdokia filled life with meaning. I boldly refuse uninteresting people and events. And let it not be accepted in the showbiz, where everyone should be friends, but it’s more fun to ride with the children on a bicycle than to have dinner with people who are boring for me.

– How do you manage to combine the work and education of three children today? Who is your main assistant?

– To do everything, one has to do a thousand things at once. I do not postpone anything for a while, I sleep 5-6 hours. I run, but I do not go. I speak quickly, and preferably on business. My husband and I dedicate a lot of time to the children, Vladimir did not miss a single bathing of the kids. I read them evening stories, I sing lullabies. I do not trust cooking for children. Once I saw the nurse lick the spoon, and the other threw a frozen chicken into boiling water, which fell into a pan of ice … And decided: I’ll cook myself.

We are helped by my mother and Volodina, my father, my sister. And, of course, we have domestic helpers and nannies. But, even with such a team, I do not have time to sit down and have tea. I take a sip – and run to take away from Valery a pipe, so that he does not accidentally hit Evdokia.

– Who dreams of Zlata in the future?

– Zlata dreams of becoming the director of a big show. And this dream has been for many years, so I see that my daughter is not joking. And Zlata is engaged in the style of younger brothers and sisters, buys them fashionable sneakers and clothes. But there is no patience for long patience: she is still a child, who has very dense school and extracurricular graphics. All three love each other.

– About rumors about yourself. What are the most incredible gossip about yourself you read on the web?

– I read that it was forbidden people to have onions and go to the toilet. Where does this come from? And I also heard that I scattered cats like rags.

– With which of bad habits do you continue to fight, and with which have you already reconciled?

“I have no bad habits, except coffee.” My children said “coffee” the first word after “Mom” and “Dad”. I’m a Galician, this drink was made by my grandmother when I was three. I can live without food, but without coffee – no way. Once in the “Inspector” to shoot took with them a coffee machine, because in Ukrainian hotels, the coffee is terrible.

– There are already a couple of film projects in your biography. Is there a desire and plans to continue this way? Which of the last seen pictures can you advise our readers?

– I’m a bad actress, so I refuse to be invited to film. In recent years, such have come. But for the sake of children’s ambitions, I do not want to defame art. Let everyone do his own thing. I can not advise, I do not watch much TV. In the cinema was a long time. I read a lot, it brings me more joy. In airplanes, can I really see something. The last thing I liked was the TV series “The Crown”, about the British royal family.

– In the book about etiquette you give various advice to girls, how to behave in this or that situation. But your subtle sarcasm and humor is not always clear, especially to many young “paian”. Are not you afraid that not everyone can correctly understand you, and take your recommendations literally?
– This book is for a pianist with a good sense of humor. For my fans who understand what I wanted to say to them. This is not a book of advice. This book is an emotion. My personal. And everyone advises, as for themselves.

– Do you have close friends in show business, to whom can you call even at night? Do you consider yourself a part of show business?

-No. I’m not close to anyone. But there are those that I can call in the morning and at lunch, and they always welcome me. I do not belong to show business, but I have influence on its development.

– Remember when you first learned on the street. What did you feel at the same time? And how do you react when you are recognized?

– I started to learn more in “Rise”. Surname Freymouth remembered not immediately, so they called simply “White, that with Pedan and Pritula”. The ascent “leads.” Now I walk a little along the streets of the city, I spend more time in the car. But when people smile, I smile back. When they embrace me, I embrace you sincerely. I am very happy that the children are especially affectionate towards me. They just do not cheat – it means I’m doing everything right.

– In 2013 we talked with you on the set of the “War of the Worlds” project. And then you categorically said that you will never marry again. How often do you notice today that you are breaking your promises? What ambitious plans and goals do you set for yourself in the coming year?

– I am alive. I change every second, and that’s fine. Now I want to create a project that will make the atmosphere warmer in society. And in everyone will demonstrate the child.

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