OLEYNIK presented an erotic clip with a hidden meaning

OLEYNIK presented an erotic clip with a hidden meaning
OLEYNIK presented an erotic clip with a hidden meaning
Singer OLEYNIK presented a video for the track “Love Another”, borrowing for the plot fragments from his personal biography. This is a story for everyone, whose relationship collapses before our eyes, and, it would seem, nothing can be changed.

It’s strange when the ego is really in love, but the person is not the point of reference, even the partner is not important, he is just a tool for “love me.” You can control yourself, but not with the partner’s desires. “It went wrong, it’s important to stop, and find the moment where the separation occurred,” comments OLEYNIK. “Relations are a sequence of steps.” There is no guarantee of a transition from one level to another. “Intimacy is already the beginning. Would you like to – go with me further Until the first steps are completed, you have not learned be spontaneous and live the present, how can you talk about the future? ”

To escape from the predictable story lines, directors Denis Manoh and Maxim Shelkovnikov filled the video with a hidden meaning. So, in the love triangle there is no third character, symbolizing the idea of ​​the impossibility to control the feelings of another person. The plot unfolds in two locations: in a cozy apartment – a symbol of the micro-population for lovers. A boundless field with trampled trail – as the irreversibility of the past, and at the same time the path to the new.

Over the images of the heroes worked stylists Irina Polishchuk and Anastasia Leonova, appealed for inspiration to the collections of Ukrainian brands: La Reine, A.M.G., Marque space, Zavod, Sedlex suits, Marsala. And the partner of OLEYNIK in the filming of “You Love Another” was the Ukrainian model Anya Pronichkina. It was her debut as an actress.

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