Old family photos became viral in the Network because of one tiny detail

 Старое семейное фото стало вирусным в Сети благодаря одной крошечной детали

Writer Matthew Anderson from Massachusetts, USA, has shared on Twitter an old picture that at first glance seems quite ordinary, but as it turned out, it has a little secret.

In the photo, who posted Matthew, depicted he, his mom, dad and younger sister. And in this photo there would be nothing special if not for one thing.

It turned out that in the frame were another living being, and it is located in the most unexpected place. As I looked closer, you notice that from the breast pocket of Matthew, where I was supposed to be a handkerchief sticking out of the muzzle of a hamster. What the man wrote in the post. Moreover, the writer found this too, not just reports life.

“I am posting this old Christmas photo, so as soon as I noticed that my pocket square is the hamster of my sister,” wrote Matthew.

Funny pics was so pleased to users that quickly became viral and within a couple days scored more than 200 thousand likes and 35.5 thousand posts. In the comments people started to share their stories about hamsters to laugh at the unusual “rib shawl” and thanked the author for what he shared with them a funny story.