Officially started In Ukraine’s presidential election campaign

Официально: В Украине стартовала президентская избирательная кампания

In Ukraine Monday, December 31, kicked off the presidential election campaign. By law, it will last 90 days, until March 31, 2019, when will be the election of the sixth President of Ukraine.

This writes the Correspondent.

From 31 December until 3 February 2019 in wanting to take part in the fight for the presidency will be able to submit documents to the Central election campaign for registration as candidates. The procedure of registration of the CEC takes five days. Thus, after February 8 will be clear who will be eligible to participate in the presidential race.

Candidate must pay a Deposit of 2.5 million hryvnia. This amount will be refunded or, in case of election, or in the case of the exit in the second round. All other contestants will not be refunded, they go to the state budget of Ukraine. His candidacy can be removed no later than 23 days before voting day.

The candidate must be a citizen of Ukraine who has attained 35 years of age, speak the state language and live in Ukraine during 10 last years prior to election day.