Official: 2021 the number of participants in the world championship in handball will grow to 32 teams – news ZIK.UA

Офіційно: З 2021 року кількість учасників ЧС з гандболу зросте до 32 команд – новини ZIK.UA

The Council of the International handball Federation (IHF) Congress in Doha (Qatar) decided to increase the number of participants since the world Cup 2021 from 24 to 32 teams.

As reported the IHF Council took the decision to expand the number of participants in adult and youth world Championships men’s and women’s teams with the aim of providing opportunities for more countries to gain international experience at top tournaments.

The meeting also discussed the format of qualification for the world Cup teams from North America and the Caribbean and South America.

World championship 2021 among men will take place in Egypt, and the women’s championship will take Spain.

The world Cup in handball among men are held in 1938 for women since 1957. Since 1993 the tournament is held every two years.

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