Off the coast of Australia vanished Isle (PHOTOS)

У побережья Австралии исчез остров (ФОТО)

250 years ago, captain cook and his team opened the Sandy island just off the coast of Australia. Surprisingly, today the open land disappeared.

About it reports the portal “news of the world”.

The island, according to old maps, was situated in the North-East of Australia. Length of stretch of land made up of 24 kilometers. I wonder what cook called the Ghost island. Why would it?

A century on the island of Sandy also said the crew of the ship Velocity. Consequently, the island was 100%. However, in fairness it should be noted that some of the expedition all the efforts trying to find this plot of land, but to no avail.

The island in 1979 was given the status of “ED” that indicates a questionable existence. On modern maps of the piece of land to find will not work: at the end of last century it was decided to exclude from all cartographic materials.

Scientists suggest that the island actually consisted not of rocks and pumice – lightweight volcanic material which tends to “travel” on the ocean. Experts are known to many of the Islands-the ghosts that appear, then disappear.

Previously in Hawaii after a powerful hurricane one island disappeared.