Of emergency in the subway: a barely dressed girl scared passengers

ЧП в метро: едва одетая девушка напугала пассажиров

In Singapore, a half-naked woman in the subway at the subway station Somerset MRT frightened passengers. On Monday, February 11, reports the edition “Business.media”, citing local media source Asia One, reports bzns.media.

Witnesses on the Network published a photo of a nearly Nude passenger on the subway platform. The photo shows a young girl of Asian appearance, standing in line at the ATM without underwear. Witnesses to the CHP reported that from the clothes she was wearing only a pale pink sleeping tank top and sandals. Bra and underwear the woman wore.

ЧП в метро: едва одетая девушка напугала пассажиров

Notes that the passenger paid no attention to the disapproving comments of the other passengers on the subway.
We will remind, earlier it was reported that the press service of UIA has announced that ray PS354 plane from Kiev V. Athens was postponed due to substances of unknown origin, was found on Board.