“Ocean Elzy”: about conquest of Everest, public position and art of being happy

"Ocean Elzy": about conquest of Everest, public position and art of being happy
“Ocean Elzy”: about conquest of Everest, public position and art of being happy
In the framework of the project “Open Your Heart”, the leader of the group “Ocean Elzy” Svyatoslav Vakarchuk met with his fans at the Museum and Cultural Complex “L’vivarnya” *. The frontman of the group talked live with the audience, told what he thought about Lviv, and also shared the details of his personal life. As the musician himself stated, the evening passed “in a warm friendly atmosphere.”

The site “Today” selected the most interesting questions of this evening.

– You have been on the stage for more than 20 years, where do you find new inspiration?

– Inspiration comes from completely different things. For example, today, perhaps, someone will ask an interesting question that will make me think. In principle, the very moment that is now taking place is already an inspiration for me. I think that the secret is solely in the desire to take from life all that it gives. Accept it as it is, and enjoy it. I would say so – despite the fact that I have an adult enough head, I quickly grew up very much – I try to keep a child’s soul. It helps.

– What are your creative plans for the future?

– They are not defined yet. “The Ocean Elzy” in very good shape, ready for the concert on the 24th in Kiev, but maybe there will be a couple of speeches after that. While I do not want to talk about it yet. We have no big plans for a big new album tour. And this is not due to the fact that we want to do something other than music. No. This is due to the fact that at some point, the last 15, and possibly 20 years, OE as a squirrel in the wheel – constant tours, concerts all the time. This is very tiring. And sometimes after this constant run I want to stop, look at it all and think about where to really move on. Will this be another activity? ….. Well … to a person who has learned the happiness of creativity, it’s very hard to persuade yourself to leave it and start doing something else, because it’s a very “healthy drug”. It is impossible to refuse it. Happiness – writing music, feeling it, creating – it’s huge. And you really need a very big reason to make this great sacrifice.

– You are a moral authority for Ukrainians, whether you like it or not. Now there is a change of generations and old authorities are already moving away. What changes do you feel in yourself and how do you change?

“It’s not really a simple question.” And with some outstanding people, I had the honor of being personally acquainted. In particular, Lubomir Husar is a person whom I met many times and often went to him for advice. And absolutely without any coquetry I want to say that I am very far from people like him. I’m just an ordinary student. And I wanted to someday in my life attain the moment when people feel righteousness among themselves. But even after death these people continue to influence the life of Ukraine.

For example, the fact that Lubomir Guzar’s advice and commandments are always with me. I will tell you one of them. One day I came to him and asked: “My Beatitude, I’m an authoritative person (as you say), many listen to me, I’m published, what can I tell people that this would be a benefit for the country?” He then gave me very wise advice. He said: “We need to tell people and ask people to do one simple thing – to do one small, but important thing, not for ourselves, but for the public good every day.” Do not do much, not necessarily all run for president or fly to the moon. to turn to people so that they remember, that in the morning they get up and do good. ” The council can be very romantic and idealistic, but I began to live on this principle. And I saw how it helps me and I advise everyone to do the same. When we all begin to do good deeds, without thinking about whether we need it specifically today or not, you will see – these hundreds, thousands, millions of good deeds will pass from quantitative to qualitative. And gradually our country will start to live better. We are all ordinary mortal people, so you just need to really assess your strength, your chances, your abilities. I’m doing it. I try to do every day that I can.
– We heard that you have an idea or idea about conquering the summit of Mount Everest, is it true?

– It’s not a dream, it’s my fantasy. I do not think that I will seriously do it once. I have thoroughly studied this question, and it requires very great physical effort. I do not so much want to conquer that Everest, which is on the maps between Nepal and China, how much I want to conquer my own. It remains only to understand what is that Everest. One wise Japanese psychologist told me: “Your mantra should be called – I am self-sufficient”. That is, do not try to have too much, I always say this. The art of being happy is when you are able to live exactly in such a way that you do not want to have too little, and do not want to have too much. It’s really a complicated art, and I’m learning it too, like all of us.

– Will you take part in the concert dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Andrei Kuzmenko Perhaps your covers will be on some of his songs?

– This time we will not speak on September 15, there are objective reasons for this. But we organized the first two concerts in Lviv and Kiev, which were dedicated to the memory of Kuzma and very successfully passed. Together with Irina Bilyk, we performed the song “Movchati”, because she performed it with Kuzma, and it seemed to me logical. And how did I start singing it? It happened very casually …. After Kuzma died, I had to be removed in the program “Voice of the Country”. I was very sad that day … and when the shooting ended, the musicians left, and the instruments remained on the stage. I just walked over and started playing this particular song … she started to go. And I say: “Let’s write it down.” But there was no one else, only I and the operators remained. Then I just sat down, played, and we wrote it down and laid it out. That’s how it happened … it was totally random. As for the other covers – we’ll see.

– In any case, we touch on social and political issues. You very often appear in different rankings. How do you feel about this and what are your plans for the future in this direction?

– And you think, if I ask not to put (in ratings – ed.), They will stop doing it? (laughs). I think there are several reasons. The main reason is that people are deliberately so tired of the old politicians’ faces that they need changes. And they are looking for changes in the faces of people who have never engaged in politics, but somehow, their activities were told that they are ready to do it. I never concealed that I was interested in social activities. I have never stood aside from the processes that took place in the state. It was always my public position. Musicians outside politics are not about me. I think: you are a citizen, and if you can influence, if people listen to you, if you have financial opportunities, social opportunities, public, then do not use them for the benefit of the country – that, at least, I would say negligence. And as a maximum, it is, perhaps, even as a moral crime, from my point of view, for me. Therefore, I will do it independently, someone puts me in some rating or not. This is their business. Why do they need my name I guess, but, frankly, I’m not very interested in this. But no matter what they think, I will do what I think is necessary.

– How do you feel about the yellow press and social networks?

– The yellow press has always existed. And she, as a rule, writes about the bad. About me very often they write lies. If this lie does not turn into an insult to dignity, we just do not react and laugh at it. And if it starts to affect my daily life or my friends or relatives, then we react to it very harshly. These are roughly our relations with the yellow press. Facebook and Instagram – you can not call them the press. This platform is for the media, and for many other things: for advertising, for science, for the exchange of different things. The fact that social networks have appeared is a huge achievement of the 21st century. But any achievement has its pros and cons. Facebook and Instagram allow you to communicate through two handshakes, rather than six. You can find any person on earth, people have become closer to each other. But Facebook and other social networks have created the opposite. The engines of social networks are built in such a way that the more you love and love something, the more you are given exactly this, everything else stops giving you. And they gradually bring you into your own inner cocoon, and you live in it. You think that the world is the way Facebook shows you. You get used to it so much that people with other worlds seem insane to you, because you’ve never met such people before, it’s evil. It is necessary to understand that all good things have their side effects. Even a large amount of chocolate leads to obesity or diabetes, but if it is not at all, then it seems to me life will not be so delicious. We need to find a balance.

– What is the meaning of life, in your opinion?
– I will answer a bit abruptly, but I think you will like it. Now if you were told today, stop living right now, would you agree? – No. So you answered your question.

– Please give some advice to young people how to achieve their goals?

– I’ll give you three simple words, but incredibly difficult in practice prescription, in which I am sure.

You must be very efficient, that is, you must be able to work a lot. In fact, it’s not so simple. Not all the people I met can concentrate on work and not notice fatigue. This is not only dependent on physical health, it depends on the psyche. Regardless of who you are – a farmer in the field or you are a scientist in the laboratory, or you are a politician in a pre-election company – you have to plow, be able to do it.
You should be able not to be afraid to take risks. And this is also a difficult thing that many people do not know how to do and use it. This does not mean that you have to be irresponsible, but without the ability to take risks, you will not succeed.
You must be in a certain sense thick-skinned. That is, do not pay attention to certain everyday difficulties, bad words, criticism. You have to be focused on your goal, and when something hurts something at you, what other people can stop, you have to go to your goal and even do not notice it.
All three components together are 99% success.

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