O. Golubovska: “In Ukraine lasts for two years, a measles epidemic”

О. Голубовская: «В Украине уже два года длится эпидемия кори»

Ukraine occupies the last place in Europe in terms of vaccination coverage against infectious diseases. As a result, citizens are more likely to develop a disease that is almost forgotten in civilized countries: measles, diphtheria, botulism. The other day in Odessa region recorded outbreak of anthrax. In addition, the country has experienced a growth of exotic diseases. For example, in Kiev, revealed a case of West Nile fever. The ГолосUA decided to understand why in Ukraine, the growing number of infectious diseases and asked about this head of the Department of infectious diseases, National medical University O. O. Bohomolets, Professor Olga Golubovska.

– Whether threatens Ukraine, the epidemic of measles due to the lack of vaccines?

– In the country lasts for two years, a measles epidemic. The children went to school, and cases will only increase. It should be noted that it is a cyclical disease, it may not last permanently. Now a lot of people have been ill, get herd immunity, plus vaccination, and measles over until the next outbreak, which occurs every 5-6 years.

– In Kiev has recorded a West Nile fever. Will the Ukrainians spread of exotic diseases?

In 2018 in Europe, the rise of this disease. It is believed that this is due to the abnormally high temperatures and heavy rainfall, which contributes to the reproduction and spreading of mosquitoes. Ukraine has registered cases of exotic, tropical diseases. Moreover imported different viral and parasitic diseases are much more than a virus that emerged in our country. As a rule, the diagnosis in any infectious disease is difficult. In addition, the infection in 80% of people are asymptomatic. 20% of patients develops flu-like illness. It is characterized by fever, headache, sore throat and muscle weakness, nausea or diarrhea.

– In Ukraine, an outbreak of anthrax. How is the infection of man?

– The source of infection for humans are sick animals. In particular, their carcasses, skins, and secreted by them into the environment of waste products. In addition, the danger is soil containing anthrax spores. Transmission occurs by contact by direct contact with animals using contaminated soil with household items, with the use of poor quality products. For example, meat of suspicious origin, and after contact with patients of live animals or their carcasses during inhalation of spores while handling hides.

– What are the methods of prevention?

– Nonspecific prevention involves detection and elimination of foci of infection. In particular, the identification of sick animals, the destruction of their corpses. In addition, the planning and vaccinated livestock in the disadvantaged areas and held control for distributed markets and stores meat. It all should be engaged in veterinary services.

– With the beginning of autumn in Kiev, there were three cases of flu. Which strains will circulate this year?

– Every year we have mainly three circulating influenza virus. Two of them varieties of virus A and one B. What will be on the severity of the flu season, yet no one can say. There is speculation that this year will be to circulate the virus strain A. We fear influenza strains H1N1, which yields a severe form of the disease. However, last year was a deadly epidemic of influenza associated with the lethal virus АН3N2. What is now to be an epidemic on the severity, can not say yet.

– When you need to be vaccinated against influenza and are there any contraindications?

– The main prevention of influenza is vaccination, and in the case of the first symptoms you need to seek medical help and not to self-medicate. Especially people who are in risk groups. In particular, excess body weight, pathology respiratory and cardiovascular system. Also you must take citizens working with people, particularly salespeople, teachers, Bank employees and so on. Vaccination can be carried out the whole epidemic season. Preferably in October–November. Children can be vaccinated from 6 months. Contraindication – severe reaction to chicken protein. You need to remember that the flu shot does not prevent disease but does not develop severe forms of the disease.

– In Ukraine there is a situation that every year flu shots are delivered late or they are absent altogether. Who should bear responsibility for it?

– Questions about absence and not delivered on time vaccines need to ask the people responsible for their delivery. It is the absence of vaccination undermines the trust of the Ukrainians to vaccination. Flu shots people should do with their own funds or money of the company where they work. If we talk about Cory, then for 1.5 years there are no vaccines. This is unacceptable. In Ukraine there is no anti-sentiment. Approximately only 3-5% are an avid antivaccination. In order not to have problems with the vaccination, needs to purchase quality medications with no adverse reactions. I have a phone break every day on the question of where to make a good shot.

  – In Ukraine this summer there was a mass poisoning of children. What is the reason?

– We constantly have poisoning due to the global moments that have occurred in the country due to various reforms. In particular, due to the elimination of CDC. The other side – the ban on business checking. Flash is, they became more noticeable. The main reason is the lack of responsibility. Will the situation worsen poisoning – depends on the actions of our government.

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