NTV-Russia: Dodon estimate for the post of Governor of the Moldavian region

 НТВ-Россия: Додона прикидывают на пост губернатора Молдавской области

While the President Igor Dodon boasts of successful visits to Russia, the Federal channel NTV, which is rebroadcast in Moldova close to the psrm, mercilessly criticized the head of the Moldova and simply mocks him. The last meeting of Dodon and Putin became the reason of outright ridicule in “the international Pilorama” NTV-Russia.

Leading Tigran Keosayan repeatedly joked about the name of the President of Moldova: “Putin entered the hall – and all at once it is clear who is the king, and who – Dodon”.

“The President of Moldova entered the hall, when he was allowed, with the gait of a man whose surname Dodon. Putin was ready to meet any “Dodon”.

Not respect for the President of Moldova stressed throughout humorous material. The head of state was compared with tourists in the Kremlin, alluding to his frequent visits. In this case, the value of his visits was emphasized minor: “the Russian delegation wondered whether the Dodon for the position of Governor of the Moldavian region. Moldova was very friendly, and it decided not to frighten, so Shoigu at a meeting not called.”

Not done in the transfer and without stereotypical jokes over the fact that the Moldovans working in construction.

“In the air reigned a light scent of Moldovan plaster and finish Aligote”.

“He listened to what Putin has done for Russian-Moldovan relations, meticulously examined the floor and the ceiling, trying to determine what can be fixed”.