Nothing to hide: Kendall Jenner in a candid photo shoot for Love Magazine

Nothing to hide: Kendall Jenner in a candid photo shoot for Love Magazine
Nothing to hide: Kendall Jenner in a candid photo shoot for Love Magazine

22-year-old Kendall Jenner took part in the photo shoot for the cover of the anniversary issue of the British magazine Love. For one of the photos the star of the show “The Kardashian Family” had to be completely naked (although the models, frankly speaking, are not accustomed to frank filming). On a sexy black and white picture, the star posed topless, and her body was covered only by a bunch of pearl beads. The frame was published in the Instagram edition.

Make-up artists made Kendall make-up with a focus on the eyes, and the stylists created a voluminous hair style in the spirit of the 80’s (it’s hard to imagine how much lacquer the barbers poured on the head of poor Jenner). In this way, the model could easily become the new Bond girl.

Earlier this year, Kendall took a break from her work. She did not go to the podium in the fall / winter-18/19 season, missed the Paris Fashion Week and returned to work only in the early summer.

From the very beginning, we were very selective about which shows I will be participating in. I’ve never been one of those girls who work for 30 shows per season. A flag in their hands. I had a million other classes, not only the podium shows, but everything else. All this so depressed me that I gradually began to go crazy and decided to move away from this matter,

– admitted the star in an interview for the magazine.

In addition, Kendall participated in a quiz in the style of “Who wants to be a millionaire?”. Love asked her about little-known facts from her life. For example, one of the questions was, in which season she first started working with Marc Jacobs.

Recall, in early August, Jenner, along with his sisters Kim, Courtney, Chloe and Kylie became the face of the advertising campaign for a new collection of underwear from Calvin Klein. The main idea of ​​the #MyCalvins project is to unite the families together, as it happened with the dynasties of Jenner-Kardashian. However, not without cheaters, but the sisters are not accustomed to criticism.

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