Not working cards and terminals: Ukrainians massively complain about the work of “PrivatBank”

Не работают карты и терминалы: Украинцы массово жалуются на работу «Приватбанка»

Privat customers today, Friday have experienced problems when conducting transactions on the cards, although the financial institution announced the suspension of work only in the night of 14 October.

About it clients of the Bank said “the Country”.

“Today I bought tickets and if you pay with Privat has problems – the transaction was only on the fourth attempt. And only a few hours after contacting the Concierge service, I received a letter about technical work” – told us from Kiev Love.

Residents of the capital also are unable today to pay for the purchases using the card of the financial institution and even pay for coffee via the terminal PrivatBank. Furthermore, it is not working payment through the Bank on the website of the office of electronic services of the Ministry of justice.

Also many of the outlets early in the morning announced that are not accept payment by card.

Recall, the state PrivatBank announced today that on the night of 14 October will suspend all operations with payment cards of the Bank due to the transition to the new version of the database management system processing. The Bank said that the technological work will be carried out at night when the load is minimal and most clients do not conduct active operations. Apparently, the bankers decided to hurry up and began the technical work early, to the detriment of customers.

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