No time: “euroshare” gave advice on how to clear it in time

Не успевают: ''евробляхерам'' дали совет, как растаможить в срок

Owners “EuroBLECH” who are faced with customs clearance, to expedite the process, it is recommended to carry out this procedure in smaller cities or neighboring areas.

Thus, it will be possible to unload the localities facing the most serious situation. About this on his page in Facebook said the head of the main service centre of the Ministry of internal Affairs Vladislav Crickley.

“This will reduce queues and facilitate the registration process. The most downloaded region: Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Chernivtsi”, – he stressed.

He gave a few more tips “euroshare”:

  • after importation of the car do not have to run on the same day for registration. Preferential customs clearance is not going to disappear, because already spent all customs procedures.

  • doesn’t make sense to queue before the opening of the service center. In addition to the bad mood and tiredness, it will not add speed.

  • use the electronic office driver Is this a legal hack, when you can choose a convenient place and time for obtaining the service and do not you wait, and you.