No rest, no money: the family of Bender accuses the Agency of fraud

 Ни отдыха, ни денег: семья из Бендер обвиняет турагентство в мошенничестве

The family of Bender accused of fraud capital travel Agency, which left them without money and the opportunity to work in Israel. A few launched at the airport in tel Aviv, as it turned out that the hotel room in their name has not been booked.

“The money we paid to the Agency Meridian Tur. Travel tour for 1160 Euro. Where a booking confirmation at the hotel and payment against these documents, I don’t know. They are not even in English. We were arrested and held all night and the next day brought back,” says the injured Alex Gangan.

A travel Agency chose the couple on the Internet. In July it was already purchased tickets, but the Director of the Agency four times for various reasons, had postponed the departure of the clients. In tal Aviv, the pair flew on 21 September, and immediately after his return went to the Agency for an explanation and their money.

Without achieving justice, the couple filed a lawsuit and a complaint to the Agency for protection of consumer rights.

“Economic agent held accountable. Fined in the amount of 95 thousand lei”, – said the press-Secretary of the AGENCY Corina Hai.

Communicate with the Director of the travel Agency was only on the phone.

– We have confirmation of the hotel. – Why are you they not presented? We gave them all the necessary exit documents. Separately nothing is. Never press service does not report the reason for the return from the border. The reason they called. We were originally warned that in Israel there can be no assurance.

This case investigates the Chisinau Prosecutor’s office.