“No man’s” land should be given to physicians, doctors and veterans of the ATU – analyst

«Ничейные» земли следует отдать медикам, врачам и ветеранам АТО - политолог

In Ukraine the land which someone de facto leases, in the absence of the owner after some time the law has the right to property, which must be determined in court.

This commentary, ГолосUA said political scientist Ruslan Bortnik.

“After the death of the owner of the land may be in state ownership, that is subordinate to the GSS, district administrations and re–distributed. These acres will go to someone good, but all these cases are individual,” – said the expert.

According to him, who these acres now in control, and who will get them the right property – it is difficult to say.

“Many representatives in the social sphere of the village – physicians, doctors, veterans of the ATO have not received the ground when raspisaniya. Would be better if this land was given to these people since the earlier half of the rural settlements in raspisanie they received land, because this land has nominally been part of the collective farms. In the other half of the settlements they received nothing, despite the fact that worked all his life on this earth. It seems to me that the normal initiative would be to give these no-man’s land for these people”, – concluded R. Bortnik

As reported, after the death of about 6.5 thousand landowners, the state received free of charge in the property the land plots with total area of 25 thousand hectares, on which there were no heirs.

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