No gas boilers and Parking lots: what innovations have prepared for the Ukrainians

Без газовых котлов и парковок: какие новшества подготовили для украинцев

The Ministry of regional development offers the whole complex of changes

The government seriously set about changing the long-outdated building codes that are still valid in Ukraine. The Ministry of regional development offers the whole complex of changes, which relate directly to housing Ukrainians, as well as infrastructure, cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Some provisions already entered into force. For example, from September 1, 2018, earned a norm about the obligatory modernization of schools, and from October 1 – kindergartens. The website “Today” has collected the main changes that have already occurred or are currently planned in 2019.

Apartments and houses

The Ministry of regional development, construction and housing plans to change the approach to the construction of new apartment buildings and make them more energy efficient.

Now it is proposed to build houses with energy efficiency class not lower than “C”. Recall that the energy efficiency class of the building – a measure that evaluates how efficiently the building consumes thermal and electrical energy in the process of operation. Class “C” is average with a small deviation of consumption of thermal energy.

The new provisions stated that such a change will save up to 40% of energy and significantly extend the life of the buildings. Therefore, in 2019, the planned transition to the European standards, which will be clearly spelled out, the house with some energy efficiency class possible and necessary to build.

In addition, 18 Dec 2018 entered into force a new List of construction works for which a permit is not required. The paper says that now the Ukrainians for the construction work on integrated insulation (insulation of roof, walls, basement, technical floor, etc.) do not need to get permission. Innovation applies to both individual houses and blocks of flats up to 100 meters. Previously, in order to insulate the house, it was necessary to submit a request to the State architecture and construction inspection and wait for authorization. And took this procedure from one to six months.

In addition to insulation Ukrainians will be able freely to carry out reconstruction and major repairs of internal engineering systems, i.e. heating, ventilation, water supply, etc. Previously, in order to replace the pipe or install a heating system, it was necessary to obtain official permission, which also required a lot of time. By the way, the document is no longer required and in order to make in an apartment or private house remodeling – however, only if you do not plan to intervene in the load-bearing structures.

Another innovation, which was prepared by the Ministry of regional development, it is a ban on accommodation in apartments of gas generators with open and closed combustion chambers. Before their installation is not regulated, but the Ministry noted that such heat can be very dangerous.

Clarifies that will allow you to install heat generators for heating and hot water with capacity up to 30 kW in individual and multi-unit residential buildings up to 3 floors.

A prerequisite for this setup:

  • the kitchen area not less than 2.2 m with the presence of natural light (regardless of plate);
  • area air handling unit shall be not less than 0.025 m2;
  • in kitchens, integrated into the structure of the living room is possible to install only heat generators with the closed combustion chamber.

The heat capacity of the heaters installed in residential premises, shall not exceed 7.5 kW. The spaces shall be fitted with a gas control.


In December 2018 were also introduced to new norms of availability of buildings that will come into force in the spring of 2019. These rules should facilitate movement for all people with disabilities and low mobility groups. The new rules will regulate the installation of ramps, barrier-free areas, equipment, special toilets etc.

For example, in the rules contains a provision on compulsory arrangement accessible bathrooms for people with limited mobility for large public facilities, namely airports, railway stations, stadiums and shopping malls.

Versatile cabin bathrooms shall be fitted with the necessary fixtures and handrails, and have a minimum width of 1.65 m and a depth of 1.8 m.

In addition, in all sports institutions should appear:

  • safe ramps, special lifts and other accessibility features for people with impaired musculoskeletal system;
  • tactile floor tiles, information boards and signs in Braille, and other visual elements and audiocasting for people with visual impairment;
  • duplicate important sound information texts, sign language for people with hearing impairment.

Should also be equipped with a versatile port-a-potties and showers and in the locker room need to make a special wardrobe.

Another innovation is the creation of a barrier-free environment in cafes, restaurants and other catering establishments. So, the HH is written, it is necessary to arrange the seats for people with disabilities, and to provide institutions with ramps and elevators. Accessible to people with disabilities should be cinemas, theatres, Philharmonic, Opera, and other concert companies.


Another layer of change is Ukrainian infrastructure. In the regulations there are new regulations on how to design transport hubs, interchanges, Parking lots, etc.

In the new GOS in the planning and building of territories banned the design and organization of the car parks within new residential areas. Garages and Parking it is recommended to place on the periphery of residential areas and messagestring territories, away from playgrounds and recreation areas.

It is also specified that the distance from the place of residence of the vehicle owner to Park or garage shall not exceed 700 meters. Guest Parking is planned to accommodate on the part of the passage or street, at a distance of 150 meters from the house.

Also in big cities of Ukraine provides for the establishment of transport hubs. These sites should provide the most comfortable and quick transfer of passengers from one mode of transport to another. It is believed that spending the time to transplant in these transport nodes should not exceed 10 minutes including waiting time for transport.

Want to upgrade and public transport, equip them with an electronic scoreboard schedules, diagrams, maps and toilets. Some of these changes are already being implemented in Ukraine, while some only plan to implement in the near future.