No future: named for the signs of toxic relationships

 Нет будущего: названы признаки токсических отношений

Psychologists have called some obvious signs of toxic relationships that have no future.

Among them – too big promises and even the frequent repetition of “I love you”, UNIAN reports with reference to MedikForum.

1. “Crazy” love. After several unsuccessful visits, it’s perfectly natural to dive into a relationship with a partner who seems to be so much you are admired. But if he starts saying “I love you” in a few weeks of Dating, then it’s time to leave. Except for the really rare varieties of love at first sight, such statements most often heard from men, accustomed to violence and control against their partners, or outright daffodils. Also, beware of those men who make too broad gestures in the first stage of the relationship.

2. Large promises. You just met with a man, and he promises life to carry you on his hands, never to touch a finger not raise your voice? Most likely, everything will be exactly the opposite as suggested by psychologists. Be sure to pay attention to his words and deeds, as big promises, delivered at a very early stage of Dating, it is an alarming sign that should arouse suspicion.3. Talking about the former. Naturally even on a first date, casual touch on the theme of relations, especially as it may be curious for both partners. But if a man only does that talking about his ex-girlfriend, and even hatred or any other strong emotion, it is obvious that these relations he had, and they’re still in his head.4. Needs for attention. Very nice, if you liked the man requires mutual attention. Not very nice, if it’s attention you want him non-stop, especially in those moments when you are working or hanging out with friends. If a man constantly demands of you some SMS messages via the Internet and phone calls, then try to gently inform him of the right to personal space. If his reaction is negative, it’s time to leave.5. Jealousy. Not very good quality, which is almost everyone. Normally, if you are in love with a man shows a certain amount of jealousy, but abnormal if it is expressed in an unhealthy way. If you notice that you start to justify to a partner, such a relationship a good future is definitely not.