Nikolai Pavlov: Let’s discuss the introduction of a limit on legion trainers

Nikolai Pavlov: Let's discuss the introduction of a limit on legion trainers
Nikolai Pavlov: Let’s discuss the introduction of a limit on legion trainers
President of the All-Ukrainian Association of Football Coaches Nikolai Pavlov wants to fight the influx of foreign experts.

Previously, Ukrainian football experienced an extraordinary event – one of the clubs was headed by the Brazilian coach. Gilmar became the coach of FC Lviv. Thus, now in the ULL with 12 clubs, five top foreign coaches at once.

“We are following closely the personnel decisions of Ukrainian clubs.At present, the All-Ukrainian Association of Football Coaches warns about the need to protect the rights of domestic specialists.After the crisis in the club Ukrainian football, several factors immediately worsened the situation of domestic coaches.

Firstly, the number of clubs in the UPL has decreased, which means that the number of jobs has decreased. Secondly, following the situational decrease in the number of foreign players and coaches, another process has come-a gradual but sure growth in the number of foreign players, not only in the players’ shop, but also in the shop of trainers of the UPL.

Many clubs employ foreigners – assistant head coaches, goalkeeper trainers, technical and tactical training trainers, heads of youth and youth teams, club academies.

We will discuss various options, including – as an option – the introduction of a limit on legionnaire trainers or the introduction of a registration fee for the appointment of a legionary coach, following the example of the one that exists for the application of a football player-legionary. The funds, which will come from the clubs in this way, will be offered to direct to improve the training of Ukrainian coaches.

For today, there are processes that can harm our football. Why do managers take foreign coaches? Unfortunately, it often happens that they themselves do not know anything about their new coaches, and they do not know anything about Ukraine and its features. So it turns out that the coach worked for several months – and went, sort of like it was not. So, it is profitable to take such specialists, while so many of our specialists are out of work?

I myself worked as a coach for many years, and all the time I respected my profession. And now I am surprised by foreigners who come to us for 1-2 thousand dollars a salary. It’s the same as not having to respect yourself and your profession to go to a foreign country, away from the family, without the conditions for work, freedom in it? Well, if you’re going to lead a grand team, but if not? Therefore, such coaches go away, and we do not have time to remember their names.

We are not going to advocate limiting or discriminating against such specialists. Moreover, if they have operational problems or legal difficulties, our organization will provide them with the same assistance as domestic specialists.

But now we see a threat in the deterioration of the situation of Ukrainian coaches, so we urge colleagues from the leading football authorities and top management and owners of football clubs to pay more attention to domestic coaches, “the official website of the All-Ukrainian Association of Football Coaches cites Pavlov.

Note that in addition to Gilmar, four foreigners will work in the next season of the UPL: Portuguese Paulo Fonseca (Shakhtar), Belarusian Alexander Khatskevich (Dynamo Kiev), Italian Fabrizio Ravanelli (Arsenal-Kiev) and Bulgarian Angel Cervenkov (Chernomorets).

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