Nicole Kidman : the incredible metamorphosis of the young Australian to become queen of Hollywood (VIDEO)

Nicole Kidman : l'incroyable métamorphose de la jeune Australienne devenue reine d’Hollywood (VIDEO)

BACK TO THE PAST. She is the heroine of Ready for anything, the film by Gus Van Sant, to be broadcast this evening at 20h55 on Arte. Back in pictures on the incredible career (and metamorphosis physical) of Nicole Kidman, the most australian actresses in hollywood.

The beaches of Australia to the highlands of Hollywood… In the space of three decades, Nicole Kidman became one of the actresses most beloved icons on the planet. Also, it seems far away the time when, in the early 1980s, she proudly wore his mane red-haired and curly, perched on a bike in The Gang of BMX. Its force ? His ability to disappear behind a character, and to reinvent themselves movies movies.

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As revealed in the thriller, australian-american dead Calm (1989), this is the movie Days of thunder which has exploded on the international scene. It is also on the set of this film that she met the one who will be her husband for 10 years : Tom Cruise. The couple adopted two children : a boy, Connor, and a daughter, Isabella Jane. In 1995, Nicole Kidman breaks the first time its image, blonde peroxydée and tv presenter at the tailor’s candy pink in Ready to all. A role that earned him a Golden Globe. The first of a long list of awards, including an Oscar for best actress for her performance and her metamorphosis physical in The Hours (2002). In 2005, Nicole Kidman meets singer Keith Urban. The couple married after a year of relationship, and in July 2008, she gave birth to her first biological child, a little girl named Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban.

Sometimes wild (Australia), disturbing (The other), mutine (Moulin Rouge !), princess (Grace of Monaco), taxidermist machiavellian (Paddington) or the adoptive mother dedicated (Lion), Nicole Kidman has managed to impose itself as an actor that counts in Hollywood. Better : a star !