New year’s greetings to Putin: FSB “protects” users-viewers

Новогоднее поздравление Путина: ФСБ "зачищает" пользователей-зрителей

Russian President Vladimir Putin disgraced new year address to the Russians in 2019 year. Published on YouTube a video filled with angry comments and put more than 50 thousand dislikes.

As drew the attention of the Facebook user Vitaly Oi, all the negative responses and dislikes later removed, but it left a screenshot where you can see their number.

Новогоднее поздравление Путина: ФСБ "зачищает" пользователей-зрителей

At the time of writing the news of the video has received more than 20 thousand dislikes and 1.8 thousand likes.

Новогоднее поздравление Путина: ФСБ "зачищает" пользователей-зрителей

The words from Putin’s appeal greatly angered the Russians, and many pointed to the fact that under his presidency the poverty in the country only intensified.

“In the future,” we will still break through, but without you, your friends, your bureaucracy and your “security forces”. You’re not Russia. After you Russia will remain and will start technologically, culturally, economically develop and people get richer. But not thanks to your efforts our robbery, but in spite of. And develop Russia will be not officials, not the Orthodox Cossacks and bikers, not the priests, not your colleagues in the KGB, and the despised and plundered you “kreakly” (engineers, scientists, technological entrepreneurs),” wrote Vitaly Oi.

In the comments of the post with his opinion agreed other users: “Very accurate analysis of all that stuff!”, “It is particularly hypocritical, vile and foul words were about the welfare… the Benefit I realized that it is their thieves, cello, coaches and other security officers had in mind. Probably”, “meant every word”, “Comments/likes are turned off, it was 13k/-75к”.