New methods of distribution utilities: the Ukrainians will have to pay for services they do not receive

Новая методика распределения ЖКХ:  украинцам придется платить за услуги, которые они не получают

After launching a new methodology for the allocation of housing services to the Ukrainians will have to pay for the services they receive.

This commentary, ГолосUA said Director of scientific-technical center “Psyche” Gennady Ryabtsev.

“While the methodology of the tariffs will be determined under the cost principle in accordance with which all the costs and losses will be laid in the tariff, until it will grow. Suppliers have no incentive to reduce its own losses and costs. What they lose on the way to the consumer, lay in the tariff and while it is considered acceptable within the ideology of reform, which is now being implemented on the markets of housing and communal services. These initiatives are a consequence of the fact that the government continues to desert from the areas of social responsibility. So now instead of having to take the initiative of modernization of the system of obsolete housing, the government permitted apartment owners to maintain the normal functioning of the whole house in which this apartment is located. It means that consumers and households have to hold capital repairs of the houses at their own expense. Although no one is not enough for this money,” – said G. Ryabtsev.

According to him, residents of homes that were commissioned in 80-ies and 90-ies are in a better situation than the residents of apartment buildings, which were commissioned in the 60 – ies and 70 – ies.

“Their infrastructure may simply refuse. If a water pipe leak, this means that it has fulfilled its service life and should be replaced. To do so would be for the tenant to break the wall in the kitchen, the toilet and bathroom. And a lot of money. If someone can not pay for the replacement pipe in the riser, the entire hot water which will be supplied to the house will be lost due to the fact that the system will fail. In the end have to pay for the service you receive. This also applies to Central heating. Now many do not understand what the bomb was planted experts on the economy who rule our state,” said G. Ryabtsev.

We will remind, Ukrainians will have to pay for communal services even more. At the end of last month came into force “Methods of distribution among consumers, volumes consumed in the building of public services”.