New interview Zelensky: only the main theses

Новое интервью Зеленского: только главные тезисы

Showman Vladimir Senensky, who announced about intention to run for President, but has not yet submitted documents to the CEC has given a new interview. Previous – Mr Gordon – he gave before the announcement of the campaign for the elections. New – this time to the Ukrainian truth after this step. Journalist chose only the interview that definitely deserves attention.

Actor or politician. And tomorrow, and tomorrow will be shot “servant of the people 3″. So I’m still not a politician. I’m still the head of the Studio Kvartal 95”.

New year’s address on 1+1 instead of Poroshenko. “We have transferred the tape, they knew that there is my message, what is it – they don’t know. They saw it before air. But why such was the length of the content, and why the President was later… I think this is a technical error”. “I think I came up with this trick, let me show you and he (Poroshenko – ed.) we’ll move? No, actually”.

Election as a reality show. “I want to see in real time that people can see everything we do: team building, creating programs, Congress, a trip to the CEC”.

Agitation. “The course was very simple – it’s advertising the film “the Servant of the people 3”, which can, if properly turn the key, to work on the campaign. In principle, for a new reality, which will be published under the same title “the President is the servant of the people.” “Anyone (members of staffs, committees, observers and so on, – ed.) don’t pay a penny”.

Business in Russia. “Of course, our company (Cyprus Green Family LTD, – ed.) owns shares of the company (Greene films)”. “This company has contracts. For example, the project “Matchmakers”, the contract for which was concluded before we started war with Russia”. “From 2011 to 2021 we receive royalties from “the Matchmakers”. “What are we to do? Close? Russian to give our money? No.” “I will not come out of this company and of a Cyprus company, which owns those companies. And that’s all. Today we found the solution and soon I will.

Poroshenko. “Was (in AP – ed.)”. “He (President – ed.) explained the situation in the country difficult, he tries. They say, “you were kidding, but I’m trying.”

Kolomoisky. “No relations”. “What “helping the media”? He advertises “the Servant of the people”.

PrivatBank. “I think I went to the presidents to return the Bank? No. I’m not going to return.”

Tycoon Paul Fuchs and the Deputy Yevgeny Geller. “It is not necessary to ascribe to these people. I have nothing to do with them. I don’t know what they’re doing, and don’t want to know.”

Ambitions. “And I think that if we win the presidential race, we win and parliamentary elections.” “If the numbers are small, I will not continue the story in politics… I will return to my profession.” “Just 1 APR – awesome date for me. To a clown. Win. I’m a clown, right?”

Corruption. “All corruption will also remove”. “All will supply the same rules.”

Donbass. “First of all, I want to stop to shoot. These agreements, I think, is not very complicated. I think that you can negotiate”. “I would like to add to the Minsk agreements, maybe even a little bit, maybe to reformat this circle, maybe to attract other Western countries”. “I do object to us, an independent country, said: “so, this is full Amnesty (militants – ed.)”. Of course, nobody is going to go.”