New details of the eighth season of “Games of Thrones”: the future of John Snow and the Dayeners, numerous deaths

New details of the eighth season of "Games of Thrones": the future of John Snow and the Dayeners, numerous deaths
New details of the eighth season of “Games of Thrones”: the future of John Snow and the Dayeners, numerous deaths
Undoubtedly, the fans of the “Game of Thrones” series were shocked by the bed scene between John Snow and Dyeneris, filmed in the last episode of the seventh season of the TV show. But before the finals are still far away, and what will happen to the couple in love further, it is still unknown. Directors Alan Taylor and Jeremy Podeswa gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter and opened the veil of secrecy.

For us it was important that the audience had a question, what will happen after this moment. This is an epic revelation about the past, which, among other things, suggests thinking about the future,

– they confessed to journalists.

Recall, according to the story in this scene, the audience becomes aware that John and Dyeneris are relatives, and the boreal Khalishi has a bastard Starkes aunt.

In the scenario, this scene was written without details about what was happening between the characters at that moment. So we made it so that for a few seconds they stop to look into each other’s eyes. The main purpose of this scene, in my opinion, was that they succumbed to passion. But they do not even fully understand what this all means and what consequences they are waiting for,

“Jeremy Podeswa said.

Fans are already building theories, and some even say that in the new season the couple will have a child. But, as we remember, Deyeneris lost her child from Khal Drogo, the baby was born dead. And also in the seventh season, she lost one of her dragons, which was killed by the King of the Night. It was another shocking moment for the audience.

I knew that killing a dragon would be like if I had killed a puppy. This is a very emotional moment when you kill a person from blood and flesh. But to kill a creature so beloved by all as a dragon? I knew this would have a strong effect on the viewer,
– Alan Taylor openly stated.

But the author of the book series “The Song of Ice and Flame” George Martin gave an interview to the American television channel PBS. He explained why he often kills characters on the pages of his novel and how he was inspired by the creator of The Lord of the Rings, John Tolkien.

When Gendalf died, I can not tell what effect this had on me at the age of 13. You can not kill Gandalf! I mean, Conan did not die in the book Conan. Tolkien violated this rule, but I will always love him for it,
– explained the famous writer.

According to rough estimates, over seven seasons in the series “The Game of Thrones” killed more than a hundred characters, among which were important characters. For example, Joffrey Baratheon, Petir Baylish, Caitlin and Robb Starkey, as well as Margery, Lauras and Olena Tyrell.

In addition, returning to the image of Daenerys, costume Deborah Riley and Michael Clapton, received this year’s statuette of “Emmy” for his work on the sixth series of the seventh season, entitled “Behind the Wall”, told how the colors of the heroine dresses reflects her emotional state.

It was the first time in my memory when Dani put herself in a dangerous position and did it not for personal gain, so white color personified her purity of thoughts. I decided to create a silhouette for her costume, which will contain a reference to her brother’s style. The same style, it is believed, was worn by her whole family when they were in power. She also finally began to wear things in the color of the Targarien house – red. This is how her confidence is shown that she has the absolute right to the throne. We really notice how her character changes,

– shared with journalists Riley.

The eighth season of the series, we recall, will be aired in the first half of next year, but for now the studio has already begun to develop a scenario for the spin-offs of the “Game of Thrones”, which will take place eight thousand years before the events that occurred with John and Deeneris.

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