“Neighbors do not mind, let us die together”: there are grisly details CHP with gas in Kiev

''Соседей не жалко, умрем вместе'': появились жуткие подробности ЧП с газом в Киеве

Irina from Kiev, who cut the gas hose in an apartment house to settle scores with life, have stated that it brought the neighbor.

Resident Svetlana Shevchenko, who heard the smell of gas, told “KP” that she complained about the man living above, say, no more strength to live.

“She told me that her neighbors do not mind, let them die with it. There – in the apartment upstairs – this is happening, that nobody can say that he is afraid, otherwise it will kill,” she said.

Failed suicide 56 years, she is retired – the grace granted to teachers.

“She’s at school in Obolon worked as an elementary school teacher, told one of the neighbors Natasha. Say, a very good specialist was. The residents of our house to her their children to learn took someone to first class tutoring, someone to brush up the translation in high school. But all the teachers were experienced, probably a lot, and that’s the nerves and overstrained”.

No husband, no children Irina no, cousin, sister. With family in good relations, but lived by herself. Two years ago, said neighbors, Irene died beloved dog. Since then, and began to notice oddities in her behavior. Most often the woman complained of sounds that penetrates in her quiet dwelling – stairs someone was stomping, door slam.

About Dmitry, who lives above her apartment, the neighbors were ambivalent. Some call “a normal guy”, others – “drunk and rowdy”.

“He was normal before, his wife had a baby. But then started to become an inveterate drunkard, wife left him. Since then, the company collects noisy, partying overcomes. Maybe there’s even drugs are. They with great difficulty a year ago, the wall of the house together, insulate and fell out. She often complained Dmitry, but what can you do,” said a resident of the house.

The chief physician of hospital of a name of Pavlova, Vyacheslav Mishiev reported that Irina will be home, when will feel good about themselves.

“The woman will receive medical treatment, and if it is not socially dangerous, return to society, said Mishiev. – She will work with experienced doctors, psychologists”.

According to the doctor, the patient can write in a month and a half. The documents will transfer to a mental hospital at the place of residence, where they must provide care.

Criminal proceedings, as told to Svetlana, was opened on the fact of attempted murder of several persons, including young children (up to 15 years of imprisonment).

“In full should the investigation, the suspect will give a free lawyer, says the former speaker, the Ministry of internal Affairs the Colonel of militia Vladimir Polishchuk. – Will be appointed forensic psychiatric examination, other examinations. If a woman has a mental disability, the court will direct it on compulsory treatment”.