Nastya Kamenskih was hospitalized

Nastya Kamenskih was hospitalized
Nastya Kamenskih was hospitalized
Just the other day the Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamenskih told about what she eats and how she supports herself in the form. Today she reported that she was hospitalized, where she was given a dropper. The cause of hospitalization was severe poisoning.

Kamenskikh told on her page in Instagram that she was engaged in self-medication at first, but it only got worse, so she turned to the doctors for help.

“I got very poisoned five days ago and decided that I could get myself into shape on my own, but, unfortunately, it did not work out for me, it got worse and worse, I got sicker and went to the toilet more. came to the hospital and made herself a dropper, “- shared the singer.

Nastya also advised not to engage in self-medication and not wait, but immediately seek professional help. Subsequently, she added that she feels much better.

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