NASA showed a delightful snowy river (PHOTOS)

NASA показало восхитительный заснеженный Днепр (ФОТО)

National Aeronautics and space research NASA showed a photo of snow-covered Dnieper river, from space. The did the French astronaut the Sand in 2017.

Photo published on the website space Agency.

The author compared a photo of the Ukrainian river painting by Hokusai.

NASA показало восхитительный заснеженный Днепр (ФОТО)

“The winter scenery looks so magical with the International space station: it’s a river North of Kiev reminds me of paintings of Hokusai (a famous Japanese artist of the 18th century)”, – stated in the message.

NASA added that the crew members on the space station take pictures of our planet from the unique perspective, documenting the Earth from space.

Earlier we wrote about the peak stargazing Tauride and when you can watch the impressive Meteora.

Recall that in NASA spoke about the loss of communication with the station, exploring the asteroid belt. It was also reported that above Ground is dangerously low fly three of the asteroid.

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