NASA scientists said about the catastrophic melting of the Arctic sea cover (PHOTO, VIDEO)

Ученые NASA заявили о катастрофическом таянии арктического покрова (ФОТО, ВИДЕО)

NASA scientists said about the almost complete disappearance of the perennial Arctic ice cover. At present his place is taken by thin ice.

About this noted on the Agency’s website.

In the jet propulsion laboratory of NASA say that over 70 percent of Arctic sea ice is now seasonal phenomenon.

This means that the ice melts in summer and grows in winter. While a seasonal ice is much more susceptible to atmospheric conditions.

With regard to the total area of the “old” ice ice, it shrank to two million square kilometers.

The increase in the ambient temperature causes a global catastrophe, and leads to the destruction of the Arctic ecosystem. This applies not only to many animal species, but also unique microorganisms.

Previously, scientists have named the date of commencement of a global catastrophe on Earth.

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