NASA scientists have uncovered a new factor influencing the birth of stars

 Ученые NASA раскрыли новый фактор, влияющий на рождение звезд

Newborn objects do not give to form other heavenly bodies due to the emission fluxes of charged particles.

On the formation of new stars in the Orion nebula is affected by the flow of charged particles from appearing there earlier luminaries. It found the specialists of the American space Agency – NASA.

As stated in Monday’s press release NASA , in the project called Stratospheric infrared Observatory was also attended by German scientists,reports TASS.

The Orion nebula has been studied by means of a telescope-reflector, mounted on Board the Boeing 747 aircraft to reduce atmospheric distortions. According to the results of observations of the star Theta 1 Orion, as well as the speed and direction of movement of the dust cloud around it, the experts found that the bright new-born stars located in the centre of the nebula, its powerful streams of charged particles drop and dissipate the surrounding substance. It is, as scientists believe, does not be formed there with other luminaries, although the “building material” for them.

At the same time, scientists assumed that plasma, star dust and gas, driven strong stellar wind to the periphery of the can under pressure streams of charged particles from already formed stars to accumulate in remote areas and on the surface of a “bubble” of the Orion nebula. There, according to astrophysicists, the concentration of matter can reach the level sufficient for the formation of new stars. Thus, the stellar wind is recognized as an additional factor influencing the dynamics of the formation of the stars themselves.

The Orion nebula is one of the most accessible to observation from Earth. It is located at a distance of about 1344 light years from our planet.