Named unexpected way to improve brain concentration

 Назван неожиданный способ улучшить концентрацию мозга

British scientists from Cambridge University have learned how to improve concentration and thereby fight the attention deficit. They have developed a mobile app that trains concentration. It is reported by EurekAlert!.

App was installed Decoder 25 subjects, 25 people used another app, and the control group continued their habitual way of life. The subjects for eight hour sessions during the month to use the app, writes the Correspondent.

After that they took part in the test for attention and concentration. They had to find a combination of three digits among the random set of 8 digits. Test duration was five minutes. Next, the researchers ran a test Trail Making Test in which you need to quickly connect the 25 points according to their sequence number or letter.

It turned out that the subjects that used the Decoder coped with the tasks much better. Worst of all proved to control group. Researchers compare the effects of chemical stimulants of the Central nervous system.