Named Ukrainian prices for the new Nissan Leaf

Названы украинские цены на новый Nissan Leaf

Electrocare predict failure of sales in our country

Recently in Las Vegas unveiled the third generation of the popular in Ukraine electric car Nissan Leaf. The novelty will differ from the previous version, the updated design and perhaps most importantly — increased by 55% battery capacity in kWh 62. The declared capacity should be enough for about 360 km, 120 km more than the Leaf of the second generation.

In Japan, sales of new electric Nissan will start in late January in the U.S. — in the spring, and in Europe — closer to the middle of 2019, reports

Then the electric car will arrive in the Ukraine (if earlier nobody brought under the order from States). According to experts, the new Leaf would cost us about $45 thousand Supported and broken “bodices” a new model draw in Ukraine in six months, after the start of sales in the United States. It is expected that new cars with high mileage will cost approximately $30-35 thousand. But experts do not expect serious sales.

“The new machine makes no sense to buy. Today in Ukraine, offering a little “smitten” b.. Tesla Model 3, which new cost $50 million, renovated for $33-35 thousand Model 3 battery 75 kW/h, the autopilot of the second generation, and it’s still a Tesla. So we have again the same situation that is emerging in America — Nissan will be in less demand. Model 3 will kill the sales of the “bodice”. For example, yesterday I bought for $24 thousand in America such Tesla, the key here is repair it cost the buyer $33 thousand,” — said the founder of the company ELMOB Zahar, Pashun.