Named the strangest objects sent into space

Названы самые странные предметы, отправленные в космос

In addition to the various devices in the space are also sent a very strange things. We decided to bring only “most-most” from a huge list.

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In 2007, the creators of the film “Star wars” celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the film. In honor of this event, it was decided to send the original sword of Luke Skywalker into space, and then again to pull him to the ground. 23 Oct 2007 the sword was lowered into the water with the Board STS-120.

In 2014 Nikesh Shukla for the promotion of his book “the Real world” decided to send into space the fork pork chop. Helped to implement the graphic artist Nick Hearne Shukla. Unfortunately, the instrument records events refused at an altitude of 25 thousand kilometers. For five years the men were trying to although some frames. They have it, by the way, was a success.

In 1965, astronaut John young took with him into space a sandwich, ignoring all the prohibitions. Of crumbs flying in zero gravity, can fail the equipment. Fortunately, nothing happened, only the man was convicted by Congress for the return home.

In 2001, the pizzeria “Pizza Hut” delivered orders are not only people, but, apparently, inoplanetyanami. The pizza flew on the Russian device together with Yuri Usachev. The company has developed a new recipe that the pizza on arrival stayed fresh.

Meanwhile, in 2019 the United States will begin selling tickets for trips into space.