Named the number of pensioners in Ukraine

Названо количество пенсионеров в Украине

Ukraine has registered 7 million 190,5 thousand pensioners.

This is evidenced by the Pension Fund.

In the PFC noted that the largest number of pensioners receive payments in “PrivatBank” – 3 586,8 million persons in Oshchadbank” – 2 million 693,7 thousand, “Raiffeisen Bank Aval” – 397,4 thousand, in other banks – 512,6 thousand persons.

Note, the financing of pensions for January began on 3 numbers.

As reported, from January 1, in Ukraine increased pensions to the military personnel and persons over 65 years of age, who have the greatest seniority.

Earlier it was reported that “Ukrposhta” from January 1, 2019 will not deliver the pension. This was announced by the CEO of the company Igor Smelyansky, transfer “Vesti”.

Now, in October 2018, through post offices to receive pensions 45% of the Ukrainian pensioners. Those who for health reasons cannot come to the post office or Bank, or live in rural areas.

“Ukrposhta” recognizes that working in the villages is economically unprofitable. Each of the branches of “Ukrposhta” suffers monthly losses of nearly 3 thousand UAH, in particular, due to the fact that the delivery of pensions is made according to the tariffs that are below cost. At the same time to revise the tariffs in force for 14 years, state agencies do not wish to complain in the enterprise. “Ukrposhta” will be forced to optimize the network in the villages. The company plans to close 5-7 thousand inpatient wards, to lay off some administrative and production staff.